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Highlights from Year One with Lower Merion School District

The Night Before Summer

Twas the night before summer,

when all through the township,

every student asleep, which was somewhat astounding;

The exams were complete and the grades had been posted,

while middle-schoolers pleasantly dreamed of promotion;

The Photographer at his computer and typed,

with hopes that he wouldn’t be up the whole night;

The parents in bed with their books and some tea,

discussing their hopes for no lower than B’s;

When all of the sudden there was such a change,

what some may consider an even exchange;

The lift of a tablet and quickly to Chrome,

the news quickly traveled through home after home;

The gallery settings had changed and it showed,

photos from the year now able to download;

The traffic was climbing, this month’s views at the top,

the students in deep for a photo to swap;

The sound of the bell – now the end of the day,

summer had arrived,  it’s time for some play;

The man with the camera had nothing to do,

so he counted the days till the start of Year Two,

but he thought to himself as the nighttime arrived,

Three months on a break; how will I survive?

He continued to type, the ending was clear:

Thank You, LMSD – I’ll see you next year!

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