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The Story of Luner Imaging 🤙 📸

*Abridged Version

Originally, I launched under the name of Dan Luner Photos in 2012 hoping to provide Delaware County with affordable, yet professional photographic services. In early 2018, I rebranded and became Luner Imaging with a simplified mission to “capture moments with meaning.”

👋 Hello! 👋

For those outside of my immediate network, the mugshot to the right is me: Dan Luner. I guess you could say I’m the “Head Honcho” around here, but I have had a photographic eye since I was a kid.

Through the medium, I often find myself grinning amidst the disappointment that so many experience when a lasting moment is permanently gone. I grin because nine times out of ten… I have secured that moment digitally, which then gives my clients the ability to relive said moments for years to come.

Since 2004, I have always had a gadget in my hands. Although I’d like to note that I’m not referencing the everyday iPhone. 

Beginning with a Polaroid, then onto a compact camera, and eventually a DSLR and MacBook, technology has always been in the forefront of my life for the sole use of aiding and/or enhancing whatever each day may bring.

As a result, it is likely no surprise when I mention my undergraduate degree was in Communication (from Cabrini University). During this time, I quickly established myself as a photographer on campus and subsequently initiated a trend and demand for likeminded students after graduating. Nowadays, I work full-time in digital media, which helps me use my gear on a regular basis.

Since graduating in 2016, I was hired as an Independent Photography Consultant for Lower Merion School District where I'm in my second year. I have also received several awards and accolades including two selections as the Photofocus Photographer of the Day. The first selection was also awarded the Photographer of the Week selection and I continue to seek noteworthy opportunities to further the brand.

Yet everything I do isn’t  “strictly business.” Every April, I provide time and services pro bono for the Trent Stetler Play Day, a local lacrosse festival that uses funds raised to increase mental health awareness in Haverford Township.

And as with most smaller entities, I regularly (alright… more than regularly) solicit feedback and advice from family (specifically my brother and mother). Without the support and encouragement from these two and a few others, Luner Imaging would likely cease to exist.

🎭 Does that sound dramatic? I was a thespian in high school!  🎭

Overall, I’ve got my foot on the gas pedal and the tank isn’t anywhere close to being empty. So, I hope you will consider Luner Imaging and if I can’t be of service… please, still connect! Even if I cannot provide the services you are seeking, the chances are likely that I can bridge the gap to connect you with someone who can.

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