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Have you ever looked at a photo and understood what is going on without even being there? Those are moments with meaning. That is Luner Imaging. I capture moments with meaning that tell the story in one look.

I capture moments with meaning, specializing in portraits, sports, production and event photography.

The Discovery That Started It All:

In early 2004, I was helping my extended family clean out my great uncle’s house in preparation for a move (which included significant downsizing). During the cleaning, my great uncle came across his Polaroid that he did not have use for anymore. My uncle gave me that Polaroid and my interest in photography quickly grew.

I went on to use that Polaroid for a fourth-grade class project documenting erosion, but it didn’t take long (two years approximately) until my parents gave me my first digital camera as a gift. I spent the next several years (2006-2009) growing my photographic eye and upgrading devices.

In early 2009, everything changed: my parents (John & Trish) helped me buy my first DSLR (a Nikon D40) and from my perspective, that is when I got “serious” about art. As many know, the capabilities of an SLR are far more expansive (or at least were at the time) than the standard compact camera. I remembered Christmas of 2008 fondly, when I was gifted my first Macintosh computer and my growth continued as I started editing my photos in iPhoto.

During high school, I spent less time with the camera and more on my studies and college preparation. Yet, I served as the founding Treasurer for Upper Darby High School’s photography club and spent my senior year documenting various events and happenings for the yearbook, school newspaper, and the Upper Darby Performing Arts Center.

My undergraduate career at Cabrini University (then College) is the time when my career as a photographer took off. In the fall of 2012, I shot my first athletics event, which ultimately spurred a four-year movement where I documented Cabrini Athletics, known to those in the community as Dan Luner Photos (DLP).

My attention to the athletics community landed me gigs and opportunities with several offices and departments within the University, leading to jobs as those inside the community pursued opportunities outside of Cabrini.

Reflecting on my time at Cabrini, that is when I truly fell in love with taking photos of athletes. People always said I took such great photos and while that may be true, it was more important for me that the community built me up and afforded me so many opportunities to succeed and grow. At Cabrini, I was lucky to find a community of student athletes that didn't mind cameras constantly watching them on the turf, court, and sidelines… and it was a community that appreciated art and the memories photography can provide. I would be nowhere without the support of the student athletes of Cabrini University.

More About the Luner Imaging Team:

The team at Luner Imaging is familial, with three of the four residents of the Drexel Hill-based household.

I’m the Owner and Head Photographer at Luner Imaging and I have had an eye for moments with meaning since I was a young boy. I enjoy that once I take a picture, that moment is gone forever. I know I've done well when I see my clients are happy because I have given them the ability to relive special moments for years to come.

My brother, Chris Luner serves as a Brand and Marketing Advisor. Chris consults with me on a variety of initiatives that relate to Luner Imaging’s presence, both physically and virtually (including the 2018 rebranding).

My mom, Trish Luner works with my brother and I as Luner Imaging’s Administrative Consultant. She is a true asset to the team as she provides ideas and best practices towards serving the clientele. Trish also provides general aid in the administrative processes for the company (budgeting, invoicing, and more).

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